Web 2.0 Tools

Here is a list of resources I selected for you. There is a lot more out there. You can start from here if what you want is not listed below.

Collaboration, Reviewing/Marking PDF, Word docs and images, Storage:

Taking/Organizing notes, Clipping articles:

Making Flashcards: 

Mind Maps/Flow Charts


  • Knovio: online video and audio presentations
  • Present.me: online video and audio presentations
  • Prezi: super cool! non liner presentation tool
  • MyBrainshark: add your voice to presentations
  • Vuvox: use collage to make a dynamic and visual presentation
  • Creaza
  • Ahead
  • OneTrueMedia
  • Glogster: not free BUT can get teacher account for up to 50 students. Really cool!
  • Animoto: slideshow turned into presentation

Create your own Newspaper/Magazine:


  • Diigo: tag, mark, save your research, share, etc

Timeline Maker:


Create your Animation/Comic Book/Strip/Storybook:


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