Unit 4 – Electromagnetism

Learning Goals:

  • EM1. I can explain how electric charges interact.
  • EM2. I can give examples of how charges can be transferred between materials and explain them.
  • EM3. I can explain how an electric current is produced.
  • EM4. I can compare conductors with insulators.
  • EM5. I can explain how resistance affects current.
  • EM6. I can use Ohm’s law to calculate resistance, current or voltage.
  • EM7. I can build series and parallel circuits and describe its parts.
  • EM8. I can explain the relationship between power, voltage and current.
  • EM9. I can describe the properties and interactions of magnets.
  • EM10. I can describe how the magnetic domains are arranged in a magnetic/non-magnetic material.
  • EM11. I can explain the connection between electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism).
  • EM12. I can outline the difference between DC/AC current and its uses
  • EM13. I can explain why the Earth behaves like a magnet and the consequences of it.
  • EM14. I can explain the importance of grounding wires and using fuses/circuit breakers.
  • EM15. I can explain how an electromagnet works and cite applications for them.
  • EM16. I can explain how a simple motor works (parts and function).
  • EM17. I can describe how a generator and a transformer work.
  • EM18. I can explain the importance of transformers to power grids.
  • EM19. I can explain methods of power production and distribution.
  • EM20. I can describe the differences of 110v/220v and main advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • EM21. I can describe the advantages and disadvantages of electrical energy.



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