Egg Lab

A whole week dedicated to the cell membrane! Phospholipids, Bilayer, Osmosis, Diffusion, Active Transport, Passive Transport… wow… lots of new words to remember!

This week we started our Egg Lab. Each egg spent two days in vinegar to get their shells dissolved. Our goal was to study the effect of two different solutions on the egg’s mass, shape and color using the egg’s membrane to simulate a real cell membrane. The solutions available were: corn syrup (50% diluted in water), salty water (10% and 20%), distilled water and alcohol. Students were divided in teams and each team chose 2 solutions to investigate.

We spent our Friday measuring, observing and discussing reasons for the changes observed. I was able to notice that many students could explain what happened and even notice mistakes in their data. We decided to leave our eggs in their solutions until Monday to see if any other changes would occur.

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