Are you learning by osmosis?

Hello there!

WOW! Time flies… can’t believe this week is already over… and what a busy week we had: a lab, a few discussions, videos and lots of new concepts!

Our focus was to understand passive and active transport, the differences and similarities between them and find out why they are important ( and where they happen in our body). We also had to compare and contrast different types of passive transport (osmosis, diffusion and facilitated diffusion). We watched very interesting videos that helped us visualize the different types of transport through the membrane. The links are here:


Facilitated Diffusion


Active Transport

Everybody went home with a three circle Venn Diagram and one goal: to add 1 detail in each space and bring it back on Monday for discussion. Have you ever heard the expression “I’m going to learn this by osmosis”? What do you think people mean when they say this? (and is this how we learn things?)

PS: don’t forget we have a reassessment on Monday (Cells)

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One Response to Are you learning by osmosis?

  1. debkang says:

    i loved the osmosis idea!! if it could really work would be really nice… 😦
    but the garfield is soooooooooooooooooo cuteeee 🙂

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