The Cell Membrane

Last week we reviewed the different types of cells and the organelles’ jobs. We also worked on a nice concept map to help us organize what we’ve seen so far. The goal was to create meaningful connections between words to improve our understanding of the cell and organize all the concepts in one single sheet of paper. By now every student should have a map draft.

This week we’re going to focus on 3 cell parts: the plasma membrane, the mitochondrion and the chloroplast. Today we worked on a graphic organizer to review the membrane’s importance. Tomorrow we’ll use microscopes to examine different types of cells and observe osmosis in plant cells.

Click here to see the graphic organizer.

Plasma Membrane


1) finish your concept maps (a draft is ok so far… you’ll make your nice pretty amazing final version soon)

2) complete all blog posts you might have missed

3) review your quiz, your notes, the powerpoints, the textbook, our videos… anything that could help you clear doubts and master our learning goals. You’ll have chances to improve but you MUST show effort to earn these chances.

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