Cells, Cells and more Cells

We finally ended our nutrients project! Now it’s time to apply some of this knowledge into our Cells unit. All students reviewed the work of a few scientists – Leeuwenhoek, Hook, Schleiden, Schwann and Virchow – and how their discoveries led to the Cell Theory. We also compared the compound light microscope with the electron microscope (transmission and scanning) and saw images captured by both.

After this, students were divided in teams of two: the goal for the next two days is to research the different types of cells and compare/contrast them. They should also look into the organelles and their functions. We’ll start working on a concept map on Thursday (update: concept map will be done next week). On Friday there will be the “Lifeboat Dilemma” task (modified to fit our Cells unit of course!). More on this later…

Homework: Write a new post discussing the following statement:

“What kind of cell would like to be and why” 

Make it nice, informative and entertaining. Add an image of the cell you chose (DON’T FORGET TO CREDIT THE SOURCE!). It’s due Friday.

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