Tuesday: Project “Meals on Wheels”

Today we started the “Meals on Wheels” project!

This is the story: Sarah Jones owns a company, Meals on Wheels, who delivers pre-made well balanced meals to a wide range of customers. She needs to add 2 diet menus to her list: a healthy and balanced menu that fits a long term weight loss program and a one week quick weight loss menu (she knows any quick weight loss diet is very restrictive and should not be done for too long so it needs to be as healthy as itcan be).

Each team was given 3 menus to analyze until Friday and make a decision using scientific arguments. The presentations will occur on Monday.

Tuesday’s goal: to create a plan for the week (what the students need to learn to be able to make a decision and what each student will do every single day of the week).

Here is the link with all the project information used in class.

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