First two days of school

Hello people! We’re back! So much to learn ahead of us!

I’m sure these first two days were different than what you had expected. Not that I don’t want to talk about my expectations, the content we’ll study or how grades are going to work but I think we need to reflect before we discuss a few things as a group next week.

I know you have many questions related to how things are going to work in Science but you will get more information next week. Right now we have to get a few things ready.

1) The first thing to do is to get a GMAIL account and access to Google Docs. Some people did this last year and got to share their collections with me. If you haven’t done it, let me know.

2) Go to and read instructions. Choose a platform and create your e-Portfolio.

3) Create first post in your e-Portfolio with this theme:

What was the purpose of these first two days of school and what are my plans for this year?”

4) complete Student Information Form

I expect you to complete these steps by Monday =)

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One Response to First two days of school

  1. luis says:

    i didn´t understand very well how to creat the portfolio in the wikispace but i´m going to trie

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