First two days…

I’m sure these first two days were different than what you had expected. Skateboarding, spaghetti  videos, marshmallows, Yoda… I get it. Well, there is a very clear reason why I did things a little different this year. I really want you to reflect on your attitude and your beliefs throughout the whole year.

Now, for today’s class:

1) Get a GMAIL account. I’ll be sharing lots of things through google docs. If you don’t have a gmail, create one. If you do, go to google docs and create a folder called “yourname – IS3”. Right click on the folder’s name and click on share. Add my email to share your folder with me. Create a new Word document in this folder with the title: “Forces and Motion Phet Observations”. You will type a few things on it soon. 

2) Go to and read instructions. Use wordpress or blogger to create your e-Portfolio.

3) Complete Student Information Form.

4)  Create first post in your e-Portfolio based on the following question:

What was the purpose of these first two days of science class and what are my plans for this year?”

5) Go to and click on the RUN NOW button. Wait for the simulation to start. In the meantime, go back to the word document you have created in your google docs folder (the one called “Forces and Motion Phet Observations”). Your first science assignment is to use the simulation to make observations and draw conclusions. You will run your own little experiments here. You are free to use the following tabs: “Introduction” and “Force Graphs”. When you’re done, make sure the document was saved and is in the folder you previously shared with me.

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